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Introducing "ROSAS"


Anyone who has been involved in the RV Industry for any significant period of time is, undoubtedly, familiar with the one consistent customer disparagement that demands most of management’s time and energy:  “The inability to provide expeditious and efficient after-sale service or repair performance that meets the customer’s expectations.”

One way to strive toward overcoming this conundrum, would be to resourcefully satisfy the vast majority of all RV customers’ appliance and equipment service/repair needs.  If the RV industry can respond more efficiently in just this one area, it will be more successful (and profitable).

The automotive industry figured this out a long time ago.  That industry doesn’t expect to generate all of its income from the sale of new or used products.  It creates the majority of its earnings by efficiently servicing the products they sell, as well as servicing the products other automotive dealerships have sold – typically those sold by dealerships that are not providing expeditious and satisfactory after-sale service. The automotive leadership is accomplishing this important service goal by maintaining a “Most Often Called-for” repair parts inventory at all levels of their industry (OEM, Parts Distributor, and Dealership/Repair Facility).  



The RV On-Hand Stock Analysis Service (ROSAS) is a subscription-based resource that incorporates targeted analysis and identification of the “Most Often Called-for” repair parts (also referred to as “replacement” or “hard” parts) for RV Appliances and Equipment.  This service also researches and furnishes in-depth information about each of the identified parts.  Thusly, ROSAS offers a tested and proven recurring analysis and reporting approach designed to deliver directly to RV parts distributors (and, indirectly, to dealerships and other repair facilities) a means of identifying which RV Repair Parts are purchased/installed most frequently.  Consequently, ROSAS will enable all levels of the RV repair industry to spotlight which repair parts should always be ordered, received, and stored in their Parts Counter’s "backroom."

To accomplish the task above, SUMDALUS-USA has established a unique analytical team which is able to methodically assess each subscribing distributor’s provided data of wholesaled repair parts.  The team's efforts culminate with in-depth information research, page & index layout, and printing of regular reports highlighting the "Most Often Called-for" repair parts.  After providing each subscriber with an initial report, follow-on reports will be provided annually or biannually.  Either optional report schedule will allow sufficient time to order and receive necessary repair parts prior to starting a “busy” season.  [A biannual report schedule (e.g. February 1st and August 1st) would accommodate the two geographically prevalent "RVing Seasons" of North America.]

ROSAS’ ongoing analysis of monthly delivered subscriber’s data, coupled with cyclical printing of freshly updated reports, results in an invaluable service which “lives” and “breaths” integrally with the RV Repair Industry. 


To obtain an illustrative, color copy  (8.5" x 11" - 67 Pages) 


Introducing "ROSAS"


"ROSAS" Subscription Information

As previously stated in the “Introduction” above, ROSAS is a subscription-based resource.  It is primarily, but not wholly, oriented toward the Wholesale Distributors specializing in RV Parts and Accessories.

Why the distributors?  Because, the RV Wholesale Distributors are, without question, the guardians of some very vital treasure troves of data.  Each of the individual Distributors’ broad-based sales platforms has resulted in a collection of sales quantities (usage) data that no single dealership or repair facility, or group thereof, could ever hope to emulate.

And, over recent years, there have been a number of questions repeatedly posed by all of the RV Wholesale Distributors:

  1. Our associated dealerships are always asking us to tell them which repair parts they should carry.  How do we answer this question?

  2. How do we know if we are, indeed, carrying the correct “Most Often Called-for” repair parts in our Inventory?

  3. How will we know when to decrease our order quantities of older repair parts from the appliance and equipment manufacturers?

  4. How will we know when to increase our order quantities of newer repair parts from the appliance and equipment manufacturers?

  5. How do we know when a stocked repair part is superseded by a newer version?

Secondarily, let’s not forget about the RV dealerships/repair facilities that, usually, have strong ties to one particular regional or national distributor.  The dealerships/repair facilities have their own series of repeatedly posed comments/questions: (And, yes, some are similar to the Distributor’s questions.)

  1. A great deal of our available parking space is taken up with RVs awaiting the arrival of “special ordered” (a.k.a. Out-of-Stock) repair parts.  We’d rather be using that space for RV units that are for sale or, at least, available to customers looking to buy an RV or purchase items in our store!

  2. How many repair or retail sales have we missed out on because we didn’t have the correct “Most Often Called-for” repair parts in stock?

  3. Which repair parts should we absolutely carry/stock?

  4. What stock level(s) of repair parts should we maintain?

  5. How can we tell when any of the repair parts we carry are in a diminished demand level for older model appliances and equipment, so we can reduce or stop subsequent order quantities?

  6. How can we tell when any of the repair parts we carry are in an increased demand level for newer model appliances and equipment, so we can increase our subsequent order quantities?

  7. How can we easily cross-reference a manufacturer’s “Most Often  Called-for” repair part number to our distributor’s part number?

Undoubtedly, you have quickly recognized one simple fact:  No matter which level of the RV Industry you are associated with, the more positive/correct answers you have for any of the posed questions on the this or the previous page, the more capital you will save or will gain – probably both!

So, now you’re probably wondering, “How will a subscription to ROSAS help the RV Industry solve the problematic issue described in the Preface above?”

Well, let’s look at Merriam-Webster.com’s definition of a subscription:

   “An arrangement for providing, receiving, or making use of something of a continuing or periodic nature on a prepayment plan.”

Now, let’s apply this definition to ROSAS:

  A. Providing.  After a subscribing Distributor provides SUMDALUS-USA with an initial database of two (2) calendar years (e.g. Jan 1, 2017 through Jan 31, 2019) of wholesaled stock history (usage) information, the ROSAS staff will immediately initiate a thorough “demand” analysis of their data.  (Note: No level of pricing or customer information will ever be requested – only information about the sales quantity history of specific RV appliance and equipment manufacturers and their repair parts is needed.)

In order to establish the databases necessary for two “true-to-life,” seasonal publications, it will be necessary for each subscribing “Named Distributor” to follow-up the initial two year database with submissions of monthly wholesaled stock history (usage) information. Such recurrent data input will enable the ROSAS staff to provide essential, ongoing analyses for relevant biannual reports.


  B. Receiving.  Reports each subscribing Distributor may receive:

   1. Ten (10) bound, color copies (similar to this introductory Special Edition) of their Initial ROSAS Report for internal use.  This report will be scheduled for delivery within ninety (90) days after the  receipt of the inaugural two (2) year wholesaled stock history information and first subscription payment.  Additionally, the Initial Report will be the foundation upon which any subsequent biannual ROSAS Reports will be predicated.

   2. Five (5) bound, color copies (also similar to this introductory Special Edition) of each updated, biannual Rosas Report [ten (10) copies total] for internal use.

NOTE: All ROSAS Reports will be uniquely customized with:

  a. “Named Distributor” title labeling, as well as any Distributor provided image for the cover. (Please see pages: Covers & “Branding” 1 and 4.)

  b. Distributor provided “Branding” Information immediately following the Report Title Page [maximum two (2) full pages – laid out sequentially or facing each other (side by side)]. (Please see pages: Covers & “Branding” 2 and 3.)

  c. Cross-referencing of Part Manufacturer’s Part Number to the “Named Distributor’s” Part Number, Reference Number, or SKU.

  C. Making Use Of.  Each subscribing Distributor will have full license to advertise and market copies of their published Reports to their associated dealerships and repair facilities.  (Note: SUMDALUS-USA will not compete with any subscribing Distributor for this market).

Additional copies of a subscribing Distributor’s most recent Report may be purchased at wholesale pricing from SUMDALUS-USA.  These Reports may be sold by the Distributor at cost or at a marked up price level.  This will most likely be the quickest and easiest way for the subscribing Distributor’s associated RV Dealerships and repair facilities to become efficiently informed as to which and how many of the “Most Often Called-for” repair parts to order and stock.

To receive more in-depth information, including Subscription Rates, 

as well as other covenant information concerning ROSAS, 

please send your request via email to sales@sumdalus.com.

(NOTE:  We will only be able to respond to emails from “RV Distributor”  or "RV Dealership" addresses at this time.  Please, no return addresses from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etcetera.  Thank you.)

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