About the Author

Dale Lee Sumner is a retired RVIA/RVDA Master Certified RV Service Technician and former president of Mobile RV Medic, Inc.

He has over fifty-eight years of experience using and living in RV's (including more than ten years of recent “full-time” RVing), conducting the business of repairing RVs, and, now, concentrating on educating the RV owners.


And…Dale loves to teach what he writes!  He has been conducting information seminars at major RV rallies, dealerships, and resorts/parks since 2004.  His first RV “Primer” book, “SHORE POWER,” was originally published in 2005.  It has experienced many reprintings and is now offered as an updated Fourth Edition.

His goal is to provide as many RVers as possible with a solid, baseline understanding of the different  (non-house-like) functional areas in their recreational vehicle.

Dale’s teaching style is educational, yet casual and entertaining.  He writes in an uncomplicated, non-technical fashion so every reader can easily become familiar with the subject(s).